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Caroline June "CJ" Martin is the main character and protagonist in the series 100 Things to Do Before High School. She is portrayed by Isabela Moner.



CJ was born to Mr. Martin, a podiatrist, and Mrs. Martin, a real estate agent. She has an older brother namedRonbie. She has Spanish heritage on her mother's side.

CJ is a twelve-year-old girl and nothing is more important to her than her best friends, Fenwick and Crispo. That's why she's making the most of their friendship and turning every day into an adventure.


CJ has brown eyes, tan skin, and dimples. Her staple outfit consists of a dress, denim jacket with long sleeves, and converses. She has long, wavy, dark brown hair which she wears out in most of the episodes. She is slim with an average height.


CJ is very kind and optimistic girl. She believes there is good in everyone. She is never willing to give up on anything and is always taking chances on any opportunity that comes her way. CJ is shown to be persistent and determined in whatever endeavors she pursues, which has been noted by Mr. Roberts and Principal Hader. Her parents believe she is a master at persuasion.

CJ does not mind presenting in front of large groups of people, shown when she sings in front of a crowd in "Start a Garage Band Thing!" and delivers a speech to the student body in "Run for Office Thing!" She is shown to be a good singer and is acknowledged as such by Mindy Minus. Mr. Roberts says that her super power is how she takes action in situations that others may freeze up in.

CJ is the ringleader of her best friends and is the one that comes up with a new thing for them to do. She cares very deeply about her best friends and the thought of losing them scared her. There have been instances where CJ's other friends have shown they trust her. no matter


she's prone to bad luck